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abstract ideas, accents, actors, alcohol, alfred hitchcock, ambiguity, ambiguous characters, ambivalence, antagonists, anthropophobia, anti-war, apathy, art, ashes to ashes, atheism, avoidant personality disorder, awkward moments, bad jokes, bass, being a fool, being idle, being ridiculous, bisexuality, black books, black coffee, books, britcom, caffeine, cinema strange, classical music, clinic, coffee, compassion, creative writing, creativity, culture, cycling, daydreaming, diy, doctor who, drawing, dvd extras, encyclopedias, england, escapism, euphemisms, eurovision song contest, experimental music, fairy tales, fantasies, fiction, fingersmith, folklore, franz kafka, freedom, gender neutral, genealogy, green wing, guilty pleasures, handwriting, harmony, harry potter, heavenly creatures, history, human rights, humour, identity crisis, imagination, inferiority, infp, insecurity, introspection, introversion, intuition, irony, jewel in the crown, letters, literature, living inside my head, loneliness, long letters, longing, lyrics, melancholy, monty python's flying circus, morrissey, music, my beautiful laundrette, my summer of love, nico, night air, not wanted on the voyage, nudge nudge, oddballs, omnisexuality, one-sided love, pan's labyrinth, peace, philosophy, photography, pj harvey, poetry, prose, queenadreena, radio, reading fanfiction, rocky horror picture show, sarcasm, scotland, shakespeare, shakespeare's sonnets, silence, singers, singing, sleeping, sleeplessness, snail mail, soap&skin, solitude, spices, stalkers, stories, strangers on a train, subtext, sun ra, swimming, talking heads, tea, the deadfly ensemble, the master and margarita, the mighty boosh, the price of salt, the raj quartet, the residents, the room, the smiths, the talented mr ripley, time travel, tipping the velvet, unrequited love, veganism, vegetarianism, vintage, virginia woolf, warm summer nights, wine, writing
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